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Elijah Gray
Elijah Gray

Over 100 Ways To Ink The Deal By Grant Cardone WORK

As a top 5 rep at Vivint 2011-2015; number one rep at Vivint in 2014, Sam has 18 years of door-knocking experience. Ranging from a $15 curb painting to $100,000 solar deals, he has sold for most of the major D2D staples, including: solar, alarms, home automation, painting, magazines, knives, school fundraisers, and religion. Now this expert door-knocker dives into over 35 of his favorite closes and influential practices that can transform anyone into a D2D expert.

Over 100 ways to ink the deal By Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone's book, The Closer's Survival Guide, is not a theory of closing the deal, but exactly HOW to close the deal including the 20 major rules of closing and over 120 exact closes that you can use every day!

I really enjoy your The Create Your Own Life Show, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in some of the most important and sometimes controversial topics, helping understand the world around you better. I just listened to the episode with Nick Bare, the founder of Bare Performance Nutrition, and embodies the multi-dimensional athlete approach through the way he lives his life and builds his brands. Thank you for the invaluable takeaways. 041b061a72


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