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Elijah Gray
Elijah Gray

All Time Low - Nothing Personal [FLAC] ##HOT##

Zach, I am interested in what you are seeing for decoding times. I have seen little here on that, but much more on the encoding time unless I missed it. But as I am starting to look into some portable flac media players that may actually become an issue.

All Time Low - Nothing Personal [FLAC]

This might partly explain why we now see overlap between flak and flack. For the most part, flak remains the spelling used for the gunfire, with flack as an occasional variant that turns up slightly more frequently when referring to criticism. For the publicist/publicity senses, while flack was for a long time the preferred spelling, flak has turned up increasingly over the past decade. So, while you should err on the side of flack unless you're writing a report on military action, flak isn't technically a typo. Certainly not one you should catch flack for.


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