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Elijah Gray

Ride To Hell Retribution Free Download (Inclu DLC) ((LINK))

The comic itself is nothing special, and not only should it arguably have been a free download, it still irks that you didn't get to set these in the shuttle ride sequence at the start of the original Mass Effect 2. If you're playing on Xbox 360, it's a handy time-saver if you don't want to replay the first game to change BioWare's default choices (like picking Udina over Anderson, or the fate of the Council). On PC, just visit Mass Effect Saves and download a Shepard with the options you need, completely free.

Ride to Hell Retribution Free Download (Inclu DLC)

  • 196- Nintendo Switch: Four Years In Instead of referring to the COVID-19 Pandemic by name whenever discussing events impacted by it, Scott instead decides to name a random skin disease whenever the topic comes up.

  • Scott claims that thanks to the software portion of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit being a free download, you can claim to own it when you don't.Scott: Oh yeah, I got Mario Kart Live. Jeb: Show us the car. Scott: Mmm... Didn't account for that question.

  • And later when lying about downloading Fire Emblem.Scott: Hmm, yeah. I downloaded Fire Emblem. Rex: SHOW US THE F*CKING CAR!

  • Throughout the video, he mentions a few game releases that were either hyped up or expected to do good, before quickly showing off their below average ratings on Metacritic. Special mention goes to Empire of Sin, which got delayed from it's inital 2019 release to December of 2020. Judging from his shrugging reaction to the trailer from E3 2019, he knew he expected the game to get a bad rating in the first place.



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