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HomeGuard 8.9.2 Crack

HomeGuard 8.9.2: A Powerful Parental Control and Activity Monitoring Tool

If you are looking for a way to protect your family and children from online and offline dangers, you may want to check out HomeGuard 8.9.2. This is a trial version of an advanced parental control and activity monitoring tool that can help you keep track of your kids' online and computer activities, block harmful and inappropriate content, and set time limits and restrictions for various programs and games.


HomeGuard 8.9.2 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. You can download it from the official website or from other trusted sources like . The trial version allows you to use the software for 15 days, after which you need to purchase a license to continue using it.

Some of the features of HomeGuard 8.9.2 are:

  • Web filtering: HomeGuard can automatically block all pornographic and inappropriate websites based on a built-in database of over one million websites. You can also customize the web filtering by adding or removing websites from the blacklist or whitelist, or by using keywords or categories to filter out unwanted content.

  • Website activity monitoring: HomeGuard can record detailed information about every website visited, including the time of visit, the duration of stay, the number of visits, and the user who accessed it. You can view the website activity reports in a graphical or tabular format, or export them to CSV or HTML files.

  • Keylogger: HomeGuard can capture every keystroke typed on the keyboard, including passwords, chat messages, emails, and search queries. You can view the keylogger reports in a chronological or alphabetical order, or search for specific keywords or phrases.

  • Screenshots: HomeGuard can take screenshots of the active window or the entire desktop at regular intervals or based on certain triggers, such as website visits, program launches, or keystrokes. You can view the screenshots as a slideshow or a thumbnail gallery, or zoom in on any screenshot for more details.

  • Chat and email monitoring: HomeGuard can monitor and record all chat and email conversations on popular platforms like Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and more. You can view the chat and email reports in a conversational or tabular format, or search for specific contacts or messages.

  • Program blocking: HomeGuard can block any program from running on the computer based on its name, path, or hash value. You can also block programs by category, such as games, browsers, media players, etc., or by using keywords or wildcards.

  • Time restrictions: HomeGuard can limit the amount of time that users can spend on the computer or on certain programs or websites. You can set daily or weekly time limits, or specify certain hours of the day or days of the week when access is allowed or denied.

  • Email notifications: HomeGuard can send you email alerts when certain events occur on the computer, such as web filtering violations, program blocking attempts, time limit breaches, keylogger triggers, etc. You can customize the email notifications by choosing which events to report and how often to send them.

HomeGuard 8.9.2 is designed to be stealthy and tamper-proof. It runs in the background without any visible signs of its presence. It cannot be bypassed using proxy servers or VPNs. It cannot be closed or uninstalled without the administrative password that you set during installation.

If you want to try out HomeGuard 8.9.2 for yourself, you can download it from here (64-bit) or here (32-bit). You can also visit the official website for more information about the software and its features.


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